Saturday, June 29, 2019

Angel Among Demons

An Angel among Demons

No more walking in the light,
Lost among the shadows of the night.
A beautiful angel has fallen,
All she can hear is the demons calling.

We all seen her slipping away,
But, nothing we did could make her stay.
She’s out there, lost and alone,
Lord, Please find her and bring her home.

Her life’s ambition’s quickly depleted,
Now she doesn’t care, she’s been defeated.
A lady once on top of the world,
Has now become a sad little girl.

Heroin is the demon’s name,
Because of it, she’s not the same.
Once, she was cheerful and bright,
Now, she’s like a zombie in the night.

A beautiful soul with an Angel face,
Moves among demons without a trace.
Their hold on her is just so great,
May she find her way back,

Before it’s too late!

K.R. Beckerdite
June 17, 2019

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