Saturday, June 29, 2019

Cope with Dope

 Okay so, it's no secret that drugs take a toll, not only on the addict, but on everyone around them. Our family is no exception. Stress and depression, really do physically hurt a person. When I was very young, my aunt and grandma taught my sister and I about meditation. That has helped me get through a lot of tough situations. As a teen, I also got into sports and exercising. But as I get older I often forget about things that helped in the past. Or get so caught up in the current events that I don't make time for me.

 When my son was younger and was dealing with anger issues, I told him to get into sports, and he ran with it. Four years of football, track, and took his school to state championship for power lifting. When I asked him if he could take my grand-kids for a few days, he helped the kids with their anger and frustration. Football drills will make you forget other problems, at least for a little while. My grand-kids would get mad at him, but then beg him to do it again.

 Now, a couple years later I have been inspired by my son and oldest grand-daughter. A local fitness center is running a summer program for teens. My grand-daughter, her name is Modesty, begged my son, his name is Wayne, to take her. And they started going to the gym. Modesty said she feels like she's getting addicted to it. I told her if she had to have an addiction, that's one I could live with. LOL Thursday night after I got off work, I went with them.

 I can definitely see the benefits of working out. However, at my age, my physically demanding job, and constant pain I feel, I don't think that's a good idea for me right now. I still meditate everyday. I would like to know some of the ways other people handle the stress and depression that goes with dealing with a loved ones drug addiction. Much Love

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