Tuesday, June 25, 2019



They cry in the night but no one hears.
No one comes to calm their fears.
They hurt inside but say not a word,
They are the masses of voices unheard.

Ok so, this may be controversial;
Some may say just leave it alone.
But this time I can’t,
it’s too close to home.

Who will speak up for the children,
Who are scared and alone.
They don’t understand why,
Their Parents are gone.

Yet millions are affected
Each year, month and day.
The price of opiate abuse
They are left to pay.

Why do they choose drugs
Instead of my kisses and hugs.
Will mommy ever get better
And come back to us?

Their little hearts are broken,
Their world torn apart.
With silent unheard voices
They must make a new start.

The families who love them
And take them in.
Give them love and comfort
And try to renew their faith again.

But their fears, pain, anger, mistrust
And broken hearts won’t mend
Until at last, Heroin and Opiate
Addiction comes to an end.


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