Saturday, June 29, 2019

My Reply

Honey please, please understand when I tell you we love you unconditionally I mean it. I am now and will always be willing to stand by you. I can't and won't give up hope. I dont care if you go through rehab 20 times and fail 19. As long as we keep trying we will always have hope that you will get better. This only hurts us so much because we all know what a wonderful person, daughter, mom and sister you are. If you hadn't tried so hard and worked so much to make a wonderful life for your children they may have already given up on you. But they still have all the incredible memories of life with a fantastic mother. That's why they love and miss you so much. And why none of us will ever give up on you. Unconditional love also means forgiveness. We love you unconditionally and forgive you.  But you have to forgive yourself and for God's sake dont give up. Regardless of anything you've done, none of it over shadows all the love and memories we've had because of you being in our lives. As long as there is hope of getting that back, getting YOU back we will keep doing whatever it takes.

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