Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Speaking Out

Hi, I am the mother of a heroin addict. Like many others I tried to keep this a family secret. I felt like I had done something wrong to cause my child to become a drug addict. The truth is, opiate addiction has become a worldwide epidemic.

I used to work in childcare, and noticed several of my students, were being raised by someone other than their parents. Talking to their guardians, I realized they didn't have a problem talking about their situation. I had been raised to believe family issues were to remain private. While I have four other children who are all adults, I didn't want to burden them with some of the things I deal with that they weren't aware of. Such as strangers sending me text messages saying my daughter had overdosed twice that week.

My only outlet was writing. However, recently I joined a group on Facebook. The massive amount of love and emotional support I have received has been incredible. It has also made me more aware of the millions of families that are dealing with this crisis. Like millions of others, I am also raising three of my grand-kids. Through my grand-kids, I'm also  becoming more aware of the children, that are somewhat fending for themselves.

I know the struggle is real. Many older citizens are working more to take care of the children of drug addicts. I am one of them. But the children's safety and well-being should be first priority. I know first hand how hard it can be to take care of them and keep them fed. And while most kids can't or won't speak up about it some are going hungry and running the streets. In the past week I have found out that my 7 year old grand-daughter's best friend is a heroin addicts daughter. My 15 year old grand-daughter asked if we had some food to give to someone who hadn't eaten in a couple days. Turned out she met a 16 year old boy, who was being raised by his grand-father. He said his grand-father drinks and smokes a lot. I of course gave her a plate of the dinner we just had.

I am only one voice, but if more people would speak out on this matter, maybe our government would be more willing to help end this. That's all for now. In my next post I will share a poem I wrote for my grand-kids. Much Love.

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